Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Who's idea was this anyway? - Lessons from the HBLL part II

As I was pondering the aforementioned thoughts (see previous post) over a urinal, I struggled to get my fly closed. I'd say zipper zipped, except it wasn't a zipper. Regrettably I was brought to remember the day when I brought home these jeans from the store and tried them on, only to realize they had metal buttons for a fly instead of a zipper.

Immediately I began to question the logic in such a design choice. Was it for functionality? Certainly not. Four buttons were much harder and time consuming to button than zipping a zipper. Also, the sly turn-to-the-wall-casually-so-no-one-can-see-you-zip-up-your-fly move is much easier and less conspicuous than the turn-to-the-wall-for-a-long-time-and-struggle-to-button-up-buttons-into-tight-holes-of-denim-while-people-wonder-what-you-are-doing move. Was it affordability? I think buttons and holes are similar in cost to a zipper. I mean, I got the pants cheaper, but that is because everyone realized the problems with buttons for a fly quicker than I did. Then maybe it was fashion? Again I question this reasoning. Personally, I don't go around showing my fly to other people. As far as I am aware, it would be quite odd to do that. Maybe I should just casually put myself in sitting positions accentuating my unique fly. Once again, probably odd and inappropriate. Then again, I should get some sort of recognition for the hard work this fly has put me through, shouldn't I?

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