Thursday, February 1, 2007

Research papers are like sand in your pants

Okay, maybe not like sand in your pants, but like sand at least. Cast your mind back to the last demonstration in sunday school on priorities. It most likely involved rocks, pebbles, sand, and a mason jar. I'm doing a research paper for Hon 150 now, and I think it is pretty much like the sand. Any project is for that matter. They are often too big for me to procrastinate till the last moment and hope to get a good grade. Ideally you should be doing it throughout the whole course until the due date.

So my life is like a jar of rocks, with the spaces in between my freetime. Then comes along a project. It is the sand that fills each chunk of freetime up. Okay so maybe it doesn't fill it up because I resist it, but you can never have a moment of freetime where you think, "Ahh, nothing to do," because above your head a research paper swings like the sword of damacles... or sand... whichever visual does it for you.

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