Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Make a stand, secure your laptop! - Lessons from the HBLL part III

After the fiasco with the restroom and the buttons, I decided to sit down and do some research, or blogging to be more correct. While plugging my laptop in I noticed an embossed little 1" by 3" embossed sign that reads, "DISCOURAGE THEFT - Secure laptop here," next to a metal loop.

I found the wording of that sign quite interesting. It left me questioning what the motives were behind it. Was the sign for my benefit so I realize there are kleptos even at BYU, or was it for the Library's benefit so they might avoid the hassle of thievery claims. I don't know what it was about that sign, but it seemed to me to have some personality here. The job could have been accomplished by a simple "Laptops Secure Here," yet this sign was different. It made me securing my laptop (which I'm not quite sure how to do) more like making a political statement. I was now discouraging theft.

But would I really be doing that? Or would I just be discouraging theft in my own locale. I imagine that one with the gumption to steal a laptop at BYU wouldn't be thrown into an introspective haze and begin questioning the ethics of his attempted actions, just because he couldn't take my laptop. He'd probably just move to the next open laptop, or even off-campus. Or is it more of a discouraging of the thief that we are attempting. The more laptops he can't get, the more discouraged he becomes, eventually leading him to an utter state of despair where he is humbled to the whisperings of laws, ethics, and the spirit? I'm not quite sure.

Interesting little sign of five words.

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