Thursday, February 1, 2007

A fund... just for me!

Okay. So as I was browsing the internet this morning instead of doing the homework that I should have done, I came across a most peculiar site. lets you set up a fund for any cause. Then people go to Nummafunds and type in a code, go to a vendor's site, buy something, and a percent of that purchase is donated to the fund. So out of curiosity and interest, I made my own fund to support my latest plan.

It is called Gabe's Cruise. After realizing that cruises are only a couple hundred dollars, I have been considering going on a cruise this spring. Anyone else want to come? I was thinking Mexico or the Bahamas. Anyway, there are a bunch of retailers that will contribute to my fund as long as you go through I picked iTunes, eBay,,, tigerdirect,com,, netflix,com,,,,,,,, and some other ones. I figure that if I buy from these sites regularly, which I do, why not get something back? They'll donate anywhere from like 1% to 10%+ to my cruise fund. So if you want to participate in my experiment that'd be great. I don't want you to buy anything you weren't planning on. However, if you are going to buy something from those sites, remember me.

It's easy to do. You don't need to register. Go to, type in "cruising" as the fund code, and then click on the vendor to go to their site. Thanks everyone! I figure this will be an interesting experiment:-)

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