Thursday, February 1, 2007

Body for Sale

You heard me right. I am now putting, or at least considering, putting my body on the market. In the past I've limited the prostitution of my body to its plasma. But, as many of you know, there was an accident at BioMedics two weeks ago which involved me, my blood and almost a hospital trip. My pint of blood was robbed of me and I am on an 8 week hold until I can sell my plasma again.

I'm convinced plasma is just a gateway activity though, because yesterday I learned about another lucrative venture. My friend, well she became my friend yesterday, told me that she participates in medical research. No, she doesn't wear goggles and work in some lab on campus for $7 an hour. She lets Life Tree Research do tests on her and pay her. One involved them rubbing habanero paste or something on her (doesn't sound too bad). The other involved the testing of a topical anesthetic. She made a couple hundred on one and $150 on the other. Doesn't sound too bad. So, she gave me the number and I'm going to call them. Either I've become more financially saavy, or just more desperate. You tell me.

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