Friday, January 26, 2007

Screen shopping

About a year ago I was introduced to Every day they have one deal at a fairly cheap price and they just sell it till it is gone. Shipping I think is always $5 and they've sold anything from laptops to robot vacuums. I'm not quite sure why but every day I log in to see what is being sold. It's not like I've ever actually been close to buying something. I don't even have an account there. I usually just sit there and think about how good of a deal that is, ponder how it could improve my life, and then conclude by being content that someone out there, actually multiple someones are getting a sweet deal. Then I leave to return the next day.

Someday I may buy something from Woot, but the problem may be their selection. I mean sure, I buy bluetooth headsets or flash drives, but I have a hard enough time waiting for the delivery truck. To think that I would wait around for Woot to offer my current desire is quite improbable. Someday the coincidence of wants may line up and I'll become a wooter. Until then I'm content screen shopping.

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