Saturday, January 27, 2007

Customer whats?

I was driving home from volleyball today and stopped at a stoplight, only to turn my head and notice an interesting Taco Bell sign. The sign second from the left reads in big print, "Now hiring customer maniacs." Excuse me? The ambiguous grammer of that phrase left me wondering what type of person they were looking for. Did they want employees that are maniacal about customers or just maniacs that had been customers of Taco Bell.

Webster defines "maniac" as "1) Madman, Lunatic" or "2) a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something." If they were looking for employees with an ungovernable enthusiasm for customers, lets just hope this enthusiasm is in a safe, service related sense, none of that following the customer home stuff.

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J. L. A. said...

Wow, that was pretty fast. I guess that's why the blogosphere is famous. Hey, do you think that LaRoyce Lathair Smith qualifies as a maniac? I don't know how maniacal he was, but Taco Bell did hire him. here is a story about some apparently genuine maniacs at Taco Bell.