Saturday, January 27, 2007

Could you remind me?

Yesterday someone asked for me to set up an appointment with the bishop. After I gave him a time he proceeded to inquire as to whether I could remind him about it. Caught off guard at the peculiarity of such a request as I always am, I hesitated, not knowing how to respond. Apparently I wasn't aware that my calling involved keeping the both the bishop's schedule and those of the ward members. Thankfully he backed down and reclaimed the responsibility to keep his own schedule.

I think that is a funny request though. Perhaps one should take it as a compliment that people think highly enough of your memory and organizational skills that they would entrust you with reminding them of important events. I usually don't. Often I am left puzzling why they think that I would have any more of a chance of remembering something that they are doing sometime in the near future. Personally I think it is just an attempt at passing the buck. It usually occurs in response to a request to do something by another. In a way it is a sort of sword-fighting parry: "You may ask me to be responsible for this matter, but I will make you responsible for making me remember to be responsible for this matter."

Possible responses I've thought of are, "No," "Yeah... (and then proceed to execute your duty by reminding them then and there)," and "Yeah, but could you remind me to remind you?" Usually I just say "Uhmm..." with a look of incredulity on my face.

Customer whats?

I was driving home from volleyball today and stopped at a stoplight, only to turn my head and notice an interesting Taco Bell sign. The sign second from the left reads in big print, "Now hiring customer maniacs." Excuse me? The ambiguous grammer of that phrase left me wondering what type of person they were looking for. Did they want employees that are maniacal about customers or just maniacs that had been customers of Taco Bell.

Webster defines "maniac" as "1) Madman, Lunatic" or "2) a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something." If they were looking for employees with an ungovernable enthusiasm for customers, lets just hope this enthusiasm is in a safe, service related sense, none of that following the customer home stuff.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Screen shopping

About a year ago I was introduced to Every day they have one deal at a fairly cheap price and they just sell it till it is gone. Shipping I think is always $5 and they've sold anything from laptops to robot vacuums. I'm not quite sure why but every day I log in to see what is being sold. It's not like I've ever actually been close to buying something. I don't even have an account there. I usually just sit there and think about how good of a deal that is, ponder how it could improve my life, and then conclude by being content that someone out there, actually multiple someones are getting a sweet deal. Then I leave to return the next day.

Someday I may buy something from Woot, but the problem may be their selection. I mean sure, I buy bluetooth headsets or flash drives, but I have a hard enough time waiting for the delivery truck. To think that I would wait around for Woot to offer my current desire is quite improbable. Someday the coincidence of wants may line up and I'll become a wooter. Until then I'm content screen shopping.

A new leaf

Facebook's lost its fun. I'm not sure if it is the meaningless groups, the unchanging profiles, or the fact that the events that people actually attend are rarely the ones created on facebook. Whatever it is, my desire for self-gratification and self-expression has combined with my enjoyment of James' blog and has led me here. Hopefully my life is blogworthy.